Please find a selection of parent and student testimonials below:

KYP Parents:


“The most attractive quality of KYP is the variety of the classes that are offered which are quite different from what we see in the market.   Although other centres also try to teach English, the topics discussed in KYP classes are very interesting as they may involve a current event or something trendy which children can relate to.” – Andrea Chen, Mother of Serena & Brandan Chen (HKIS; KYP Critical Reasoning, PSAT, Creative Writing)


“To me,  KYP does not differ from other learning centers as to what they teach but how they teach. It is their way of teaching that makes them stand out from others.” – Hu Xiaoling & Charles Li, Parents of Amy, Kevin & Christina Li (Chinese International School; KYP group and private classes)


“KYP’s Christmas Break Workshop programs were spectacular.  Our children, ages 12 and 9, both thoroughly loved their classes!  Most kids don’t want to spend their limited vacation time back in class — so its both a testament and compliment to KYP that both of our kids were genuinely sad to see the workshops come to their scheduled end.  We could not recommend KYP to other parents more highly.” – Dr. Amy Alcorn, M.D., Mother of Tripp & Case Alcorn (KYP Christmas Break Workshops (Debate, Journalism Writing)


“Our son chooses KYP because the teachers there are really professional. They are so kind and all of them have the willingness to help you improve. You really feel they care.” – Clerebold & Kathy Chan, Parents of Ryan & Daphne Chan (St. Paul’s Co-ed College; KYP private classes)


KYP Students:


“My greatest growth as a student has been because of KYP. More than just a tutoring class, KYP offered intimate relationships with instructors, fascinating material, and an inspiring environment that fosters academic growth.” – Elizabeth Watson, Student (HKIS & Phillips Andover Academy)


“I believe if I hadn’t come to KYP, I wouldn’t be passionate about writing and that passion would not have carried through my high school career.” – Charlton Leung, Student (HKIS & Cornell University)