Will guns make schools safer?

Natalie Li, age 12, Marymount Secondary School

KYP Intermediate Global Thinking (ages 12-13)


Topic: Should students, teachers, or security guards be allowed to carry guns in school?


What would happen if guns were allowed in school? Would it create more chaos or protect the students? This is an important issue as it affects our next generation’s safety. I believe that guns should not be allowed by teachers, students, or security guards because people may shoot accidentally, it is easier for a school shooting to happen, and people will be afraid of guns.

We use guns to protect ourselves, but what if we shoot accidentally? Maybe a student sat on a bag concealing a gun, and that triggered the gun to fire. Injuries will occur. It is not safe, and if we accidentally injured or killed someone, we have the face the consequences. It is easy for injuries to happen, and schools should be preparing and protecting us from danger, not increasing the risk of injury or death. As it is easy for accidents to happen, I believe that guns should not be allowed on school campus.

In a class, there are always people who are slightly more violent and different from the rest. What if some students got into a fight and their argument got so heated that one of them grabbed a gun and started shooting? It is very dangerous and innocent people might get hurt. Schools should provide a safe place for learning, where students trust each other. Because a school shooting is more likely to happen if students carry guns around the campus, I believe that guns should not be allowed on school campuses.

If everyone on the train had a gun in their bags, people would surely freak out. Guns are fatal, and most people are afraid of them. If you know that the students around you are armed with guns, you should be worried for your own safety. You never know when will people go crazy and start shooting. When you are worried, you cannot really focus on your studies and pay attention. We go to school for learning and getting good grades, not for worrying about guns and forgetting about our grades. Therefore, I believe that guns should not be allowed on school campus.

Some may argue that guns can protect us and the training before being armed with a gun makes us more responsible. Besides, bad people may break into schools with weapons anyways, so why not provide students with guns to protect themselves? In reality, guns may harm innocent people. We may also misuse guns because of private matters. Also, I believe that schools provide enough security, such as school gates and security guards. Therefore, I believe that guns should not be allowed in school.

In conclusion, because people may accidentally fire these guns, it is easier for school shootings to happen, and people will worry about guns, I believe that schools should not allow guns on school campuses. Instead of studying in an unsafe place and always worrying about their safety, how about a place with no distractions and worry? It is important that we study and learn in a safe place, with nothing to ruin our future and decrease our safety. Therefore, I strongly believe that guns should not be allowed in school by teachers, students or security.


Image Credit: New York Post, https://nypost.com/2017/06/27/12-year-old-busted-for-bringing-handgun-to-school-in-backpack/

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