Student Writing

Is Standardized Testing Bad for Society?

Sze Mai Ng, Age 12, Diocesan Girls’ School KYP Intermediate Global Thinking Course   I disagree with the form of a standardized test.  It is a test that is mainly composed of multiple choice questions, with an optional essay which only takes up a small percentage of the total mark.  There is only one right […]

Astronomy Horrors

By Cathy Wang, Age 10, South Island School KYP Intermediate Creative Writing Course   “Get in!” a gruff voice answered my knock. I stepped in. I was now in the observatory! “Wow,” I breathed. It was amazing! Stars dotted the sky like streaks of white paint. “Can yer shut up!” the annoying voice interrupted my […]

Technology’s Detrimental Influence

By Bo Wen Zhu, Age 13, Hong Kong International School KYP Intermediate Global Thinking Course   In the past few decades, technological growth has been astronomical. The 21st century has brought a host of new gadgets onto the playing table, all fought over by different companies for profit. Seemingly every month, an innovative product is developed […]

Officer Dog and Officer Moose

Charlotte Fung, Age 9, Singapore International School KYP Beginners Creative Writing Course   “Ready, set, go!” Commander Lion yelled. It was raining cats and dogs the day before, making the ground mushy and some tress fall down; the perfect setting for a morning training exercise. This was a training that all new officers had to […]

Should all smartphones have a kill switch? 

Braden W., Age 16, Hong Kong International School KYP Advanced Global Thinking Course   Topic: Should all smartphones have a kill switch? In the past few years, smartphones have become almost ubiquitous in modern society, with demand outpacing other products on the mobile phone market and accounting for around 70% of all U.S. mobile devices […]