Introductory Global Thinking

What are designer babies? Is it possible to clone a human being? Will we ever really colonize Mars?

In order to answer these questions, students need to learn how to think critically about the globalized world we live in today. In this course, we teach students to think, speak and write from a global perspective. We tackle the tough social and cultural issues in modern society through intensive, interactive class discussions. We ask students to write, present, and debate about a wide variety of topics. In Global Thinking, students learn how to analyze the crucial elements that drive the pace of current events, and how to speak and write about those elements with confidence and clarity.

This course combines three of our most popular courses: Critical Writing, Debate and Model United Nations! This summer, take your thinking, writing, and debating to the next level with Intro Global Thinking!


Age Group: 10-11 years-old

Locations: Causeway Bay, Kowloon

Duration: 1.5 hours

Days Offered: T, Th, F, Sat, and Sun

Price: $595/1.5 hour class



June 19 @ 00:00
12:00 am — 1:30 am (1h 30′)

Causeway Bay, Kowloon

10-11 Years Old