Holiday Author Workshops

Over the holiday season, we will be offering three never-before-seen courses: our Holiday Author Workshops! These holiday-only courses will give students the chance to read, discuss, and write about a book specially chosen for their age group. The workshop will culminate in a special virtual author visit where each author will chat with our students and lead a discussion on their book! Each student will also receive a signed copy of the book!


These seminar courses will give students a chance to share their ideas and be challenged in a way that most students must wait for university to experience. We are so excited to be offering this one-of-a-kind access to real, published authors. Don’t miss this amazing enrichment opportunity!


CNY Session: 11-15 February 2019


8-10 years-old: The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City by Jodi Kendall (11am-1pm)

10-12 years-old: Front Desk by Kelly Yang (11am-1pm)

12-14+ years-old: Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword by Henry Lien (2-6pm)


Please note:

  • The course fee will include the cost of the book – which will be signed by the author!
  • Author workshops will be held in our Causeway Bay centre.
  • Students are required to read the book before the start of the workshop.
  • Students in overlapping age groups (e.g. 10 or 12 years-old) can choose from multiple workshops.


Workshop Fee: $4000 ($800/2-hr lesson)

February 11 @ 00:00
12:00 am — 2:00 am (2h)

Causeway Bay, Kowloon

08-09 Years Old, 10-11 Years Old, 12-13 Years Old, 14+ Years Old