Why Shopping is Not a Sport

Why Shopping is Not a Sport

By Howard L., age 15, St. Paul’s Co-Ed

Shopping is a big hobby for many people and some even see it as a necessity in their lives.  People do not simply shop for goods and search for bargains.  A lot of them even find the process itself enjoyable.  Surprisingly, the latest debate about shopping is not whether it is addictive or whether it can provide long term happiness but whether it should be counted as a sport.  Personally, I do not agree that it is a legitimate sport and I am going to prove why it is not with reference to the common characteristics of a sport.

Firstly, exercise and body movement should be the main focus of the whole activity.  Take basketball as an example.  Players need to keep moving all the time, making use of their skills and also physical abilities to win a game.  I would not say that basketball is all about physical abilities as skills are also essential but the former certainly comprises a major part of the game.  Shopping, on the other hand, does not require a lot of body movement.  Although people still have to walk around and may need to rush to grab goods, such movements are only a minor aspect of shopping.  You do not sweat simply by shopping.  Also, exercise is definitely not the focus of shopping.  People shop for goods, not to train up their body.  If you really want some exercise to maintain good health, why would you choose shopping when you have that many other efficient sport activities?

Secondly, a sport should be a competition under a clear set of rules and regulations.  Every single sport has its own fair rules in order to make the sport fun and organized at the same time.  Shopping, however, does not have a set of rules.  There may be some creative shopping games organized in the past but still there is no such thing as an official set of rules for shopping.  It would be a ridiculous thing.

Thirdly, all appropriate sports should be able to promote sportsmanship and fair competition.  This is the ultimate goal of participating in sport activities.  However, shopping is only focusing on spotting bargains and making the best use out of money.  It does not have a message or point that’s related to sportsmanship.  Shopping will only enlarge the selfishness and greed of mankind.

In conclusion, I do not think that shopping qualifies as a kind of sport.  It is a daily activity for some people and might be enjoyable.  However, based on the above reasons it is clearly not a sport.