We’re writers

Ask your writing teacher: “What have YOU written lately?”

RTHKThe reason The Kelly Yang Project excels at teaching writing is that KYP teachers are real writers. Our founder, Kelly Yang, is the author of three books, including HK’s best-selling children’s book, Where’s Broccoli? She is a top columnist for the South China Morning Post, and she writes regularly for The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Atlantic. We hire teachers who have written for newspapers, published their work online or in print, or studied writing in college.

You might ask yourself, “what difference does it make if my child’s writing teacher is a writer herself?” In a report commissioned in 2009 by the British Office of Standards for Education, researchers found that “teachers who were confident as writers themselves and could demonstrate how writing is composed, taught it effectively.”

Because we are real writers, we approach teaching writing very differently from other institutions. Namely, that difference is expressed in our passion for the written word; the teachers at KYP eat, breath, and love excellent writing. Often times a KYP student will be writing on one essay topic and a KYP teacher will be writing on that same essay topic for an international newspaper. To a student, this environment is very exciting and inspiring! That’s why classes at KYP are unparalleled in quality — you won’t find a better writing course anywhere else in Asia.