We’re fun

taiden KYP’s writing program equips students with a strong writing foundation, which is essential for success later on at boarding school and beyond. However, that’s not the reason why our program works. Our program works because it is FUN!

Younger Kids

Since the very inception of KYP at Hong Kong International School in 2005, our program has engaged younger students from ages 6 to 12. We have over ten years’ experience teaching younger kids. Many people think teaching young kids is similar to teaching older kids. Those people clearly have not taught this age group. To engage younger kids, our teachers have to be dynamic, fun, interactive and imaginative. When talking about a character from a book, they’ll put on a goofy accent and get into character! When you talk to KYP teachers, you can tell instantly how much they enjoy working with younger kids. Their energy rubs off on their students and their students can’t wait to start writing. When kids step into a KYP younger kids’ classroom, they enter the magical world of “What If?”

Older Kids

A funny thing happens right around the time kids turn 13. Suddenly, they’ll look around and become a bit more skeptical. Funny voices no longer amuse them. Jokes and silly stories make them roll their eyes. Older students need more critical, intellectual stimulation.

To engage older students, we mentor them. We pick topics to discuss in class which still fascinate them. We relate to them on their level and work with them to find their true voices. We guide and inspire them, and we cultivate a lifelong love for writing. The results speak for themselves — KYP older students don’t just get in to the top boarding schools and universities; they thrive there. But perhaps even more importantly, they have fun every step of the way, starting first in their KYP classrooms.