We Care

How does KYP deliver the most outstanding customer service in the education sector? Four practices set us apart:

Full Time Teachers:


gregsmallKYP employs a staff of well-qualified, full-time teachers who are dedicated solely to the task of inspiring KYP students. While other education centres rely on part-time tutors, our staff is comprised entirely of full-time teachers. Our team of full-time teachers is led by our founder, Kelly Yang. Kelly is an internationally published and bestselling children’s book author whose lifelong passion is teaching thinking, writing, and debating. The impact of our dynamic teaching team can be felt the minute you walk into a KYP classroom. At KYP, you can rest assured that the teacher is completely focused on your child’s education.


Open Parent-Teacher Communication:


IMG_1084Want to talk with your child’s teacher about his or her progress? Would you like to be notified about problems that your child is experiencing earlier rather than later? Here at KYP, we view parents as our educational partners. Collaboration and communication between parents and teachers is the foundation of producing great educational results. The more information about our students we have, the more we can tailor our approach to suit their individual needs. This open communication with parents is why KYP students succeed.




More Individualized Attention:

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s simple: the larger the class, the less time a teacher has to spend with each student. We keep classes small at KYP, to ensure that each student gets a substantial amount of attention. The average KYP class size is between six to eight students. Teachers also routinely give individual attention and one-on-one feedback to students, even in group classes.





Extensive, Detailed Feedback:


travisSpeaking of feedback, the quality of KYP teachers’ feedback for writing and debate is unparalleled! We challenge you to find more extensive, astute feedback anywhere else in Asia. Our feedback in writing and debate classes is second to none because we’re real writers and debaters. Our teachers give analyses and critiques that are helpful, inspiring, and spot-on. Come see for yourself why everyone’s talking about KYP!