Parent Testimonials:

My 3 children have been with KYP since its early years. Now ages 19, 18 and 11, they have had both private lessons and group lessons at KYP over the years. KYP has played a very important role in augmenting their education, especially their writing and reading.  Whether through private lessons with Kelly or group lessons with various teachers, they have learned to read critically and write analytically. I especially like how the lessons are taught: to write an essay, the students will discuss various topics on hand and offer their own opinions.  They are encouraged to think independently before they start writing. This is where I find KYP is different from other centers or teachers: One of my children told me he had to produce an essay every class which improved his ability to think quickly, write quickly, and still be able to cover all the points he needs to make.

The teachers at KYP are young graduates from top universities who are still interested in their students’ worlds and open to their opinions.  They are approachable and patient with students. KYP is a small center compared with some other learning centers which gives it the advantage of having a sense of community. The teachers and students certainly have a better bonding relationship with each other.  In my youngest child’s words: the classes are fun and interesting too!

To me,  KYP does not differ from other learning centers as to what they teach but how they teach. It is their way of teaching that makes it stand out from others.

–Xiaoling Hu and Charles Li, parents of Amy, Kevin, and Christina Li, Chinese International School, various group and private classes.


Kelly is an incredible role model for students.  She is one of the most intellectually energetic and curious people I have ever met and, more importantly, she is able to pass this energy and curiosity on to her students and inspire them to achieve more than they ever thought they could.  She has incredibly high standards and, as a result, all of her teachers are excellent.  My daughter loved her classes and couldn’t wait to get started again after the summer holiday.   Kelly pushes her students to achieve but makes sure she always keeps them engaged and interested by choosing materials they will find relevant so the motivation to excel comes from the children themselves.  I could not recommend KYP more highly.

– Molly Bersani, mom of Clio Bersani, Hong Kong Academy, Adv. Critical Reasoning and private class.


The most attractive quality of KYP is the variety of the classes that are offered which are quite different from what we see in the market.   Although other centres also try to teach English, the topics discussed in KYP classes are very interesting as they may involve a current event or something trendy which children can relate to.  We also like the small classroom setting as the teachers can get to know each child’s ability and learning style. The teachers do not use traditional tutoring type of cramming style by stuffing children with vocabularies or problems to do.  Instead, they teach by engaging the children in discussions so they understand the meaning of the words or how they should approach their writing.  Both my children have been attending KYP since they were in 3rd grade.  Their writing and language arts grades have always been great in school.  The most important thing for my children is that they enjoy the classes and they continue reading and writing even outside of the class.Teachers are the most important assets for any teaching institution. The KYP teachers we have met have all shared similar goal with Kelly and their teaching styles and results reflect that they enjoy doing what they do.  The most important thing is our kids love them and are not afraid to ask questions or differ in opinion in class. We have recommended KYP numerous times in the past to friends and neighbors and many of them still have kids taking KYP classes now.

–Andrea Chen, mother of Serena and Brandan Chen, HKIS, KYP Critical Reasoning,  PSAT and Creative Writing classes.

Our son chooses KYP because the teachers there are really professional. They can not only increase my son’s vocabulary and improve his writing skills, but also they can train his communication skills. KYP’s many programs for both public speaking and writing have helped my son think and write with more details and power. KYP is not a center that will only force and stuff the things you have to learn into your mind. Instead, they will make you see so clearly about it that you understand. The teachers have the patience to help you with your problems and improve them bit by bit. I feel KYP is very effective in improving my son’s results in school. The teachers there are so kind and all of them have the willingness to help you improve. You really feel they care. The teaching style is not like other centers, where students just practice a lot without any point. At KYP, they really teach you how to learn and my son always wants to absorb the KYP material because it is so interesting. I would recommend KYP to people who want to see real improvement in writing, vocabulary and public speaking.

–Clerebold and Kathy Chan, parents of Ryan and Daphne Chan, St. Paul’s Co-educational College, private classes.

KYP’s 2013 Christmas Break Workshop programs were spectacular.  Our children, ages 12 and 9, both thoroughly loved their classes!  From the debate program with Greg Forse, Kelly’s workshops in journalism and writing for writing competitions and Andrew’s enthusiasm and support — our kids enjoyed and valued every minute – and learned a ton.  Most kids don’t want to spend their limited vacation time back in class — so its both a testament and compliment to KYP that both of our kids were genuinely sad to see the workshops come to their scheduled end.   We could not recommend KYP to other parents more highly — especially if those parents are seeking and value opportunities that foster creativity, critical and global reasoning skills for their kids.

- Dr. Amy Alcorn, M.D., mother of Tripp and Case, KYP 2013 Christmas Break Workshops (Debate, Writing for Writing Competitions, and Journalism and Opinion Writing)


Student Testimonials

I think KYP is a very good place to learn English writing. This is because over the past few years, I have been going to KYP and I have learned a lot more about how to write stories and how to give a speech. I also think that the teachers are very kind to the students. All the teachers that I have learned with have all been very kind to me. The classes I take at KYP are very fun!

–Audrey Tam, age 11, Canadian International School, various group and private classes.



“I’ve never seen anyone more dedicated to her students than Kelly. When I was struggling to finish my college application essays before the application deadline, she was available by Blackberry and email, and would answer my questions outside of lesson time.”

–Prakash Sanker, former South Island School student, now a junior at Stanford University. Prakash took private classes at KYP.



“My greatest growth as a student has been because of KYP. More than just a tutoring class, KYP offered intimate relationships with instructors, fascinating material, and an inspiring environment that fosters academic growth. Where in my high school, I was un-inspired by my teachers and forgotten in large classes, the instructors at KYP encouraged me to achieve my potential. Enrolling in classes at KYP was one of the best choices I have made for myself.”

–Elizabeth Watson, former HKIS and Phillips Andover Academy student. Elizabeth is now a junior at University of Virginia. Elizabeth took various group and private classes at KYP.



“KYP turned me on to writing and learning. It made me believe that I am good at writing and that I can write anything. I really felt the teachers cared. They went out of their way to help me. They’re also fun people–people I like hanging out with! KYP inspired me to believe in myself and go for my dreams!”

–Tiffany Zau, former GSIS student who is now a junior at NYU. Tiffany took private classes at KYP.


“I thought that the IB English Literature Course really boosted my exam results, because at school we don’t have enough time to analyze the different literary components—such as themes and characters—in depth. Going to KYP really helped me understand these components better, and they were all essential for doing well on the final exam. We also did a lot of practice for three of the main parts of the IB score: the IOC, Paper I, and Paper II.

The IOC was a really intimidating experience for me, and my class at KYP really boosted my confidence before the commentary. This is because I had a lot of lessons with my teacher where we would practice analyzing a piece of literature on the spot. At first it was scary, but we did so much practice that by the time I took the IOC, I thought it was fun! For Paper I, I used to be really bad at writing essays with a good structure, but with the help of my teacher my structure really improved.

I would suggest that if you’re struggling in writing or speaking, or you simply want to boost your English grade, you should go to an English course at KYP. You should seek help if you need it, and this was a really great experience for me.”

–Cornelia Lee, South Island School, now studying at HKU.