Ages 16+

Kelly Yang is the leading expert on the new SAT examination in Asia. Using specially designed, state of the art, proprietary test preparation materials, KYP gives students the skills to succeed on the new SAT. The new SAT is substantially different from the old SAT. Like the old SAT, it includes three sections:

  1. Writing & Reading
  2. Mathematics
  3. Optional Essay ** Strongly recommended for KYP students**

Each section is scored from 200 to 800, with a combined “perfect score” of 1600. Also, the overall time of the test has expanded to 4 hours.

Writing & Reading

  • Essay: We strongly advise KYP students to do the optional Essay portion of the new SAT. Students of KYP will be well prepared for the Essay portion. That’s because the Essay portion of the new SAT is evidence based and asks students to analyze commentary, something KYP students will be very familiar with, if they’ve taken KYP Critical Reasoning or Global Thinking classes. For these reasons, we advise KYP students to take the Essay portion of the new SAT, even though it is optional. It is to their advantage that they do the essay, especially since the SAT essay is increasingly viewed by admissions officers as evidence of the student’s true writing ability. The essay is a 50 minute essay.
  • Writing and Language: The Writing and Language component of the new SAT tests students’ ability to identify grammatical errors in the context of extended prose.
  • Reading: Although sentence completions have been eliminated, vocabulary continues to be an important part of SAT reading. However, it will be tested in a more subtle way, as part of your general understanding of the text. In addition, and this is the area in which Kelly has writing extensively about, the new SAT reading tests students’ understanding of passages that involve US history, US founding documents, History and Social Studies, as well as Science. Again, KYP students are at an advantage here, especially if they’ve taken KYP Global Thinking, because they will have been exposed to such concepts and will have already built up a strong foundation.


  • Math on the new SAT focuses on problem-solving and data analysis, algebra, and solving real-world math problems. Students will be asked to interpret informational graphics. Calculators will be permitted only for 37 questions.

As the leading experts on the new SAT, KYP is frequently mentioned in the news regarding the examination. KYP founder Kelly Yang was the writer who broke the story globally on the new SAT’s soft power implications in 2014:

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