Model United Nations (MUN)

Ages 14+

KYP’s Model United Nations class allows students to learn about global issues through simulating the United Nations and UN committees. Every year, tens of thousands of students all over the world participate in Model United Nations, one of the fastest growing extracurricular activities in the world. In simulating the United Nations, students learn about current events, global issues, and individual countries. They immerse themselves in these issues through research, public speaking, debating, and writing. At the same time, they utilize and maximize important skills such as critical reasoning, teamwork, leadership and negotiations.

What’s special about MUN is it teaches kids how to compromise. Whether we are simulating the WHO or the UN Security Council, students must advance the interests of his or her nation state while also responding to and compromising with his fellow member states. Once mastered, the real life application of this skill — the ability to reason, articulate, negotiate, and compromise– are massive. As such, MUN is truly a gem of a class.

This class is designed and taught by Head of MUN Paul Smith. We hope you’ll join us at the round table as we tackle the big issues of today! Admission to the KYP MUN team is subject to a competitive assessment. Please contact Paul Smith at for more information.

Benefits and Opportunities:
Conference participation: Conferences are a fantastic way for students to compete against their peers from other top schools and increase their skills in a fast-paced, high-stakes setting. Conferences also confer awards to best committee delegate and best delegation. The KYP MUN Team will take part in conferences in Hong Kong as well as globally, giving students the opportunity to showcase their MUN skills.

Global perspective: MUN students benefit from a hardy knowledge of current events that goes well beyond their years.
Extracurricular activity (ECA) experience: prepares students for MUN teams at other international schools or secondary schools overseas (particularly in the United States).
Admissions boost: MUN is one of the most popular ECAs among students accepted to top-tier universities in the US. Colleges look to well-rounded MUN students for their enhanced academic and social skills and international experience