Global Thinking (Intermediate)

12-13 years old MAXIMUM 10 STUDENTS

What is an modern day slave? Why are there so many of them in Thailand? And what does this have to do with the seafood we eat?

In order to answer these questions, students need to learn how to think critically about the globalized world we live in today. Designed by Kelly Yang, KYP’s Global Thinking course teaches students to think, speak and write from a global perspective. We tackle the tough social and cultural issues in modern society through intensive, interactive class discussions. We ask students to write, present, and debate about a wide variety of topics. In Global Thinking, students learn how to analyze the crucial elements that drive the pace of current events, and how to speak and write about those elements with confidence and clarity. Student learn how to debate in the World Schools style of Debating, tackling complex motions such as This House Will Prioritize Economic Development over the Environment.¬†Students also take part in Model United Nations, simulating United Nations discussions and learning international relations and diplomacy. Using KYP’s innovative method of teaching, Global Thinking inspires students to become sharper thinkers, speakers, and writers.

This course is the perfect combination of intensive essay writing, current events and global knowledge, Model United Nations (MUN), and debate!

**Intermediate Global Thinking Level 1 is geared towards new students while Level 2 is for continuing KYP students who have attended at least one term of Intermediate Global Thinking at KYP in the past year.**


*KYP’s Global Thinking class was recently featured on TV for its ground-breaking analysis of global issues.*

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