Chinese Critical Writing Introductory (Putonghua) 初級普通話辯證與寫作



Ages 10-11

What’s better? A teleport machine or a time machine? Think, write, and debate about it in our Chinese Critical Writing (Putonghua) Introductory class! In Chinese Critical Writing (Putonghua), we teach students to use critical thinking, debate, and intensive discussion to inform, challenge, express and engage — all in Chinese (Putonghua).

This class involves reading, speaking, writing, and debate in Chinese (Putonghua). KYP’s Chinese Critical Writing class doesn’t just teach Chinese, it teaches Chinese critical thinking. Come and experience a Chinese class unlike any other! Book a trial class today!


Sheung Wan
Tuesday 5:30-7pm
Thursday 4-5:30pm
Friday 5:30-7pm
Saturday 10:30-12, 4-5:30pm

Causeway Bay
Thursday 4:30-6:00pm
Friday 5:30-7pm

Tuesday 4-5:30pm

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**This class is available live at our learning centres AND online.**