Chinese Critical Writing (Putonghua) Foundations 普通話創意寫作基礎



Age 6-7

What’s solar power? Why do birds know how to talk? Think, write, and debate on these topics and much more in our Chinese Critical Writing (Putonghua) Foundations class! Modeled after our immensely popular English Critical Writing program,  Chinese Critical Writing (Putonghua) uses critical thinking, logical reasoning, debate, and intensive discussion to inform, challenge, inspire and engage young minds — all in Chinese (Putonghua).

This class involves reading, speaking, writing, and debate in Chinese (Putonghua) and is taught by Dr. Yang.

Please Note: This workshop is taught by KYP Head of Chinese Dr. Yang at a special introductory price. Come find out why KYP’s Chinese class is unlike any other in Hong Kong — book a trial class today!