Literature and Writing/Pre-Boarding School


KYP is Hong Kong’s leading boarding school preparatory program. Our Pre-Boarding School course specifically prepares students for the rigors of boarding school. We teach students how to produce consistently excellent oral, written, and literature analysis. Students who do well in boarding school are great at all three. At KYP, we make sure that our students’ oral, written, and literary foundations are solid.

In class, we challenge our students in an intellectual environment which simulates the American boarding school classroom. Other components of this course involve research skills and critical thinking skills. At KYP, we don’t just train students to get in to boarding school–we train them to excel in boarding school. In addition, students in KYP’s Boarding School Prep classes also need to manage their time efficiently and learn how to be self-motivated. These are all must-have skills for success in boarding school.

Because this course is literature-based, there will be assigned reading homework. This class is specifically designed for students preparing to go to top US or UK boarding schools. We recommend that students take this course in Y7 and Y8. Students who have taken this class have gone on to do extremely well in Andover, Exeter, St. Paul’s, Deerfield, Choate, Lawrenceville, and other top boarding schools.

This course can also be offered in one-on-one private classes, for those students who would like more individualized attention and guidance prior to going to boarding school.

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