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Amy LiThe teachers at the Kelly Yang Project pride themselves in working with the very best students in Asia. Our students come to us with great ambitions–they hope to be admitted into boarding schools like Deerfield, Andover and Groton, or colleges like Harvard, Yale and Stanford–and KYP has a proven track record in helping students realize those goals. We succeed in providing phenomenal educational results because our program is carefully designed to teach students how to produce the writing, presentations and speeches that teachers and admissions officers love to see.


Many students in Asia struggle with essay-writing assignments in their classes, application essays for boarding school or college, or critical reading and writing sections on standardized tests. Some students will gain admittance to their top choice schools thanks to the assistance of targeted “test preparation” centers, only to find that they are woefully unprepared for the coursework at the boarding school or collegiate level. These students struggle to flourish in their new environment, lacking vital reasoning and writing skills that cannot be taught in a test prep course.


agatha christieAt the Kelly Yang Project, we focus on developing the fundamental skills that lead to sustainable academic achievement. These skills are the ability to think critically, write powerfully, and speak eloquently. As a result, KYP students who go off to boarding school or university in the US or UK often come back to tell us how advanced their writing seems compared to that of their peers. After undergoing our program, students feel tremendously prepared for discussion-driven classes, or the essay-writing that is standard at boarding schools and colleges. This is because we teach our students  to be self-motivated, independent, analytical thinkers, the kind of individuals who flourish in the academic setting.

The typical KYP student is:

Curious, conscientious, caring, compassionate, ethical, smart, motivated, hard-working, and thoughtful.

We are developing an international reputation for producing exceptional students because we have a knack for bringing out the very best that students have to offer.


Recent Achievements by KYP Students:

December 2016 – Congratulations to KYP student Audrey Chan (age 12, GSIS, KYP Global audrey-chanThinking & KYP Debate) on winning a gold medal in team writing, a silver medal in individual medal, and a gold medal in team debate at the World Scholars Cup Tournament of Champions held at Yale University!! Over 2400 students from over 40 countries participated in this rigorous global competition. Audrey says, “Many thanks to KYP for the advice and guidance to me at the Global Thinking and Debate class which significantly enhanced my skills and confidence for the tournament!” WAY TO GO Audrey!! We are so proud of you!!

November 5, 2016– Congratulations to KYP student Eliot Monick (age 9, CIS, KYP Global Thinking) whose letter to the editor was just published in the South China Morning Post! Way to go Eliot!

April 23, 2016 — KYP student Chloe Yeung (age 14, DGS, KYP Advanced Global Thinking) took home TOP SPEAKER at the Hong Kong Junior Public Speaking Championships on April 23rd!!! Way to go Chloe! Watch Chloe debate on our Facebook page!


April 16, 2016–Congrats to KYP Debate students Richard Cheung (RCHK), Theodore Chow (RCHK), and Valerie Ang (GSIS) who tied for 5th at the Evershed Cup!ng Kong Junior Public Speaking Championships on April 23rd!! Way to go Chloe!!!! Watch Chloe debate on our Facebook page.

March 12, 2016 –4 out of the top 10 student debaters in Hong Kong are KYP students! Massive congratulations to KYP Debate students Keshav Menon (SIS), Matthew Ho (GSIS), and Jasmine Yim (CDNIS)  who were ranked #2, #4, and #7 top speaker at the 12th HKSDPSC Senior Debating Tournament held at GSIS on March 12.

Daanyal EbrahimFebruary 201

6–Wonderful to see KYP student Daanyal Ebrahim (13, Island School) on the cover of South China Morning Post SCMP Young Post this morning! Daanyal is working on a project to help tackle illiteracy. Way to go Daanyal!! We are so proud of you!!

January 2016–Massive congratulations to KYhillary winP student Hillary Yip (Age 10, Kellett School) for winning the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge! Hillary got 1st Place for Best Business out of all the kids in all of Hong Kong! Hillary has been attending KYP since she was very little. She’s been in KYP Creative Writing and Critical Reasoning and currently attends our Debate program. Hillary’s big idea is to create a website for kids to learn languages from each other! Congratulations Hillary!!

January 2016– KYP students will published in Paddyfield Post! Paddyfield PostThe kids wrote book reviews which were selected for publication. From Elie Wiesel’s Night to Nick Farwell’s The Minecraft Redstone Handbook, the books the kids reviewed were varied and interesting, and the kids’ writing superb!!! Well done you guys — so proud of you all!

December 2015–KYP female students debated in the BBC 100 Women Global Debate! Led by teachers Kelly Yang and Rachael Rose, the girls debated against 99 other young women from all around the world on issues ranging from “What does it mean to be a good girl in today’s society?” to “Is it harder for women to succeed in today’s work force?” Way to go, girls!!


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