Our Program

What is the Kelly Yang Project?

The Kelly Yang Project is the leading writing and debate program in Asia for students ages 5-17. KYP was founded in 2005 by best-selling author and columnist for the South China Morning Post, Kelly Yang. Over the last decade, we have helped Asia's brightest students become creative thinkers, exceptional writers, and confident speakers. Our proven methods, dynamic classes, and outstanding results speak for themselves!

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What types of classes does KYP offer?

KYP offers classes both live and online in English and Chinese (Mandarin). Students enroll in KYP classes for many reasons; some want to improve their critical and global thinking, some want to develop their essay-writing style, and still others just want to express themselves more clearly and creatively. KYP offers a variety of classes in English and Chinese (Mandarin), such as Global Thinking, Creative Writing, and Debate. The goal of each KYP class is to challenge students to think more creatively, critically, and globally, while giving students the opportunity to practice reading, writing, and speaking. Students receive detailed, personalized feedback in each class they attend at KYP, so that they know exactly where they need to improve.  

What classes can my student enroll in?

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My child already does well in school. Why would she need KYP?

KYP supplements formal schooling in two important ways. In courses like Global Thinking, Debate and Creative Writing, we expose students to multi-faceted, thought-provoking topics that they often wouldn't normally get to explore in school. We also give students the chance to develop their writing and speaking in a stimulating and challenging seminar environment, led by experienced practitioners, including published writers or champion debaters. Students hone their skills in a setting specifically designed to encourage their thinking, writing and debating.

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How is KYP different from other centres?

Several things set us apart from all other learning centres in Asia. Perhaps most distinctively, our founder and director, Kelly Yang, is a best-selling writer and avid debater. At KYP, Kelly designs, oversees and teaches the entire KYP curriculum. Our entire staff is composed of  tremendously qualified, full-time teachers, who graduated from top universities, like Harvard, Columbia, NYU, etc. What's more, they practice what they teach. They are internationally ranked debating champions and published writers.

Most importantly, they are experienced teachers who love to work with kids of all ages. Thanks to their dynamic, interactive teaching style, our classes are fun! Unlike other centres that teach to tests, we teach students how to think creatively, critically and globally, skills that are essential for success in today's world.