Our Policies

Parents of Creativity Agreement

By enrolling your child in KYP, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I agree to allow my child to participate in The Kelly Yang Project program at The Kelly Yang Project learning centres and/or online.

I agree that my child will not miss class except in the case of emergencies and illness. If my child misses class, I will let the instructor know at least 24 hours prior to the start of class, otherwise I forfeit my right to a makeup class.

I agree to accept the policies of the Kelly Yang Project on cancellation, typhoon, and make-up classes. It is my responsibility to initiate the arrangement of make up classes.

I agree to allow my child to be photographed and video-recorded in class while performing creative exercises, presenting projects, debating, writing, or participating in KYP activities and competitions.

I agree to give The Kelly Yang Project license to use my child’s works to promote and enhance creative, critical, and global thinking in KYP publications such as The Idea Burger, on KYP’s website, and on KYP social media, either in print or on film.

If through The Kelly Yang Project, my child develops a special creative passion or talent, I agree to support that talent and encourage it every day.

Thank you and welcome to POC–Parents of Creativity!

KYP Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read our terms and conditions below.


1. For live classes: Classes will be billed on a monthly basis. The payment must be received before the first day of the month or the child may not be allowed to attend class.

2. HK$500 deposit will be charged to all students upon enrollment in the academic school year and will be refunded at the end of the academic school year, provided there is no violation of our terms and policies.

3. Late payments will be subjected to a $100 penalty.

4. You may not deduct class fees from the tuition.


1. For Private Lessons, please let us know 24 hours in advance if you plan on cancelling a class. Otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.


1.ACADEMIC YEAR CLASSES– You are allowed to take one make up class per month, for a maximum of four makeup classes from Aug until Dec and a maximum of five makeup classes from Jan to June.

2. Makeup classes have to be done in classes with at least one other student. If no make-up class can be arranged, we will not issue refunds.

3. Make-up classes cannot be carried over. Parents must inform us of the makeup class request 24 hours in advance or we may not be able to accommodate the makeup class request.

4. We arrange make-up classes according to ages. Students must do a makeup class either in the same week that they are absent, or do a makeup class in a different class for their age group. If students do make up classes in a more expensive class, they must pay the fee difference. Make-up class credits cannot be combined for private classes.

5. There are no make-up classes during Summer, Holiday Workshops and other special, seasonal classes. There are also no makeup classes for online classes; however, we will email you the material missed.


1. To enroll in the class, you must FIRST pass the KYP assessment. KYP is for students with a strong command of English or Chinese. We apologize in advance if after receiving your child’s assessment, we feel your child is not yet ready for KYP. To do the KYP assessment, please call us or email us. The assessment is free. Each child may attempt the assessment only ONCE every 6 months.

2. After you pass the KYP assessment, please submit your registration form and payment in the form of cheque (for live and online classes), direct transfer (for live and online classes) or Paypal (for online classes only). Cash is not accepted. If there is space in the class, your child will be put into the class and you will receive our confirmation. Registration cannot be completed without receipt of payment. 

3. If the class is full, your child will be put on the waiting list. The average waiting time for our waiting lists varies depending on the class, anywhere from two weeks to two years.


1. To withdraw from the class, you must submit a written notice at least 30 days, or payment in lieu of notice, prior to the last day of attendance.


1. We do not hold classes for all Hong Kong public holidays (except Sundays). For live classes, we do not hold classes when the Typhoon No. 8 or Black Rain Signal is hoisted in Hong Kong. For online classes, classes will not be cancelled for weather related reasons.

For 2016, we are closed for the below holidays:

The first day of January 1 January Friday
Lunar New Year’s Day 8 February Monday
The second day of Lunar New Year 9 February Tuesday
The third day of Lunar New Year 10 February Wednesday
Good Friday 25 March Friday
The day following Good Friday 26 March Saturday
Easter Monday 28 March Monday
Ching Ming Festival 4 April Monday
The day following the Labour Day 2 May Monday
The Birthday of the Buddha 14 May Saturday
Tuen Ng Festival 9 June Thursday
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 1 July Friday
The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 16 September Friday
National Day 1 October Saturday
The day following the Chung Yeung Festival 10 October Monday
The first weekday after Christmas Day 26 December Monday
The second weekday after Christmas Day 27 December Tuesday

2. If live classes are cancelled due to Typhoon No. 8 or Black Rain, there will be NO makeup classes or refunds.

3. If Typhoon No. 8 is hoisted during class, the class will stop immediately and students should go home. If Black Rain is hoisted during class, the class will continue until the end of class and then students will go home.
4. If the signal for the Black Rainstorm or Typhoon #8 is lowered:

Before 7am                  Then, the centre will open at 9am

Before 12noon                     Then, the centre will be open at 2pm

After 12noon                             Centre remained closed

There are no makeup classes or refunds for live class cancellations due to weather.

5. Students will not be notified individually of the weather situation. Parents should pay attention to the Hong Kong Observatory weather reports.

6. If class resumes after Typhoon No. 8 or Black Rain has been lowered and students do not come to the class, there will be no makeup classes or refunds.


1. All KYP materials (including notes, worksheets, and The Idea-Burger) are prepared by KYP and the exclusive proprietary rights of KYP and are not to be distributed to the public or sold for commercial or educational purposes.
2. We reserve the right to use our students’ works in our publications, including but not limited to The Idea-Burger.
3. We have the right to withdraw any student who is being disruptive or who we deem not suitable for our program and/or students or families who do not adhere to our policies. We will also withdraw any student whose parents have solicited any of the KYP teachers or staff to do private tutoring outside the KYP premises without KYP permission.

4. We have the right to withdraw any student if

a). he or she behaves in ways that are disruptive and by the teacher’s judgment, may infringe upon other students’ right to learn; and

b). he or she continues to behave in similar ways after repeated warnings.

5. If a student is dismissed or requested to withdraw because of behavior problems, no refund will be made.

6. We reserve the right to arrange for one of the other KYP teachers to teach your child if your child’s teacher is not available due to unforeseen circumstances. For live classes, we also have the right to send your child home if your child displays any symptoms of illness and to allow your child to come back to class when a doctor’s note is given.



We work hard to ensure that each and every KYP learning centre is state of the art. If your child damages KYP school property, you are liable for paying for the cost of the damage.