I Have A Book Deal!

I Have A Book Deal!

You guys, I have some thrilling news. Last summer, I wrote a middle grade children’s novel for my son Eliot. It was a story that was kind of out there, based on my own bizarre childhood. To my surprise, he loved it and encouraged me to do something with it. So I did and, well, long story short, I HAVE A BOOK DEAL!!!

I’m delighted to announce that my new book will be published by Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic, the publishers of Harry Potter!! Here’s the announcement in Publisher’s Weekly this morning. It feels amazing and surreal to be able to work with the same world class editors who brought Harry Potter to America! I still remember being 8 years old, a Chinese kid growing up in America, scribbling away, wondering, gee, do I have what it takes? Well, I guess I finally got my answer  :-)  and it just goes to show what I’ve been telling my students for years — writing can take you places!

I so look forward to sharing this book with all of you and with the world!

Much <3,