Hong Kongers’ indomitable work ethic

Hong Kongers’ indomitable work ethic

Kelly writes on Hong Kong’s indomitable work ethic for CNN. Published by CNN in  Jan 2011:

Although Hong Kong is such a wealthy city, the thing that has always struck me is the fact that everyone — no matter who they are, how rich or how poor — works hard.

Unlike many other cosmopolitan cities like New York or London, Hong Kong does not have many beggars. If you want to find beggars in Central, you have to make a huge effort to find them — all three of them.

Instead, what you have is a city in which it is ingrained into the culture that everyone should have something to do.

Together, these busy, productive people make up our city. They also make up the faces of inspiring underdogs in Hong Kong.

A typical case would be the elderly men and women who sell used items on the side of the streets in SoHo.

Some of them are almost 90 years old. Every day, they wake up at the crack of dawn to “go to work.”

Some of them have stalls, others simply spread a sheet on the sidewalk and set up shop.

The “poh poh” (old women) and “baak baak” (old men) sell anything from used trousers to DVDs to light bulbs.

Almost all have been doing this for years.

They are there on cold days. They are there on typhoon days.

Read the full version on CNN’s website: http://travel.cnn.com/hong-kong/life/citypulse/sohos-street-stallers-313056/