First Post!

Hi guys! This is my very first blog entry! It’s been an incredible summer so far. I’ve been teaching every single day. My students never fail to amaze me! It’s endless fun inspiring them to write, teaching them global thinking, and watching them fall in love with debate and Model United Nations. I love how they’ve all grown leaps and bounds, becoming more confident speakers and insightful writers. This summer, we’ve had students from all over the world come through the doors of KYP, from as far away as Switzerland and England and Australia, and I feel so privileged and honored to teach every single one of them.

On a personal front, my middle son just left for New York with my husband for the summer. My oldest is off at camp in the States (by himself! And loving it! He doesn’t even call me! I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about that!). My daughter is with my mom in California. It’s weird not having my kids around. I miss the endless chatter and giggling. I miss the hyper and the crazy. I even miss the whining. (OK, just a little.)

The house is eerily quiet. The only nice thing about having the house all to myself is I no longer have to hide in the bathroom to read. I’ve been reading some great books recently, like Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older, Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick and Lust & Wonder by my favorite author, the almighty Augusten Burroughs who is THE. BEST.

I’d love to hear what your summer reads are!